Furnishing materials for Painting or Powder Coatings.

We are Manufacturer, Supplier of Pre Treatment Plants, Batch Type Pre Treatment Plants, Semi Automatic Pre Treatment Plants, Fully Automatic Pre Treatment Plants, Conveyorized Pre Treatment Plants, and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

It conducts the basic operation of ionic material such as oil, dust removal of the object to be painted or powder coated. It involves the use of various techniques and methods for component, machine or unit cleaning services. Pre-treatment unit consists of multiple systems activated carbon unit, water softening unit and filtration processes. These methods work together and remove unwanted and harmful particles, removes remaining infecting agents, and make units ready for further procedures.

We accurately design and develop pre-treatment units with two primary methods; dip pre-treatment and spray pre-treatment. In dip pre-treatment, the object or article loaded in the basket and dipped in various tanks as per the requirement. In the Spray pre-treatment plants, the conveyors carry objects and pass them inside the tunnel. Spraying is done in the tunnel as the required chemical processes. Depending upon the production rates we use three basic plants to make pre-treatment process easier and safe.

Batch Type PT Plants :

We use the batch type pre-treatment plants when it is required to paint or coat objects at the same time. Here the cleaning operations can be carried out in a group of objects. The system is effective and beneficial for the smaller objects.

Semi-Automatic / Fully Automatic PT Plant :

Various types of machinery and systems are involved in pre-treatment plant operations. These machines operate manually, semi-automated, or fully automated. In dip pre-treatment, lifting and dipping of baskets are performed with the help of semi-automatic or fully automatic systems.

Conveyorized PT Plants :

This kind of conveyorized painting plant maintains production capacities. Here, objects are carried by the conveyor and send them in the tunnel for further process.